Often called a lunchtime or weekend face lift because of the dramatically reduced recovery time, your mini face lift or rhytidectomy can give you the natural, youthful results you want without the high cost associated with other full facial surgeries.

You want to look like you — just a younger, more refreshed you. The one you used to see in the mirror.

Well, now you can and there’s no need to wait until you need a complete face lift to get the youthful appearance you deserve.

Taking the Plastic Out of Plastic Surgery

Gone are the days of artificial faces…

More and more people – especially women — are choosing in-office mini face lifts while they're still young enough to enjoy the youthful results they see every day… while they’re still in the workforce, picking their children up from school, attending business or family functions.

Having your mini face lift earlier means you can:

  • See more natural results with less scarring
  • Save on the cost of an anesthesiologist
  • Heal and get back to doing the things you love more quickly

Plus, if you’re a candidate for an in-office mini face lift you’ll eliminate those excessive hospital fees – saving you even more money…

In fact, an in-office face lift can be nearly half the cost of a traditional full lift.

If you’ve been wondering what kind of results you’d see — take a look at actual before and after photos of Dr. Rotatori’s delighted patients and schedule your free consultation today.

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